Wire Rod Coating Lines

Coating lines Consist of Water wash cleaning system, Borax coater and Air dryer.

The machine consists of

1 cleaning chamber (wet )
1 large wet coating chamber (borax coater, stirrer,heaters)
1 drying chamber (incl. hot air blowing nozzles)

The Cleaning and Coating Machine has firstly the purpose to rinse out the rests of the mechanical descaling through a hot water and to blow off the wire by compressed air.

The water in the cleaning tank is heated up to 90°C by means of 2 heating cartridges. Through a circulation pump and 3 cleaning nozzles the water is charged on the surface of the running wire and rinse out the rests and dust of the wire. Afterwards the wire goes through a cold air nozzle to blow off final residues and to prevent the water for rinsing to be dragged to the coating chamber. The water in the rinse and the cold air area flows back to the tank.

The following wet coating chamber has the purpose to coat the cleaned wire with a liquid lubricant carrier(borax). All components being in contact with the coating solution are made of stainless steel. The wire is fed into the coating chamber through a guidance die.

The coating is effected in three working steps.

Step 1. Applying a liquid lubricant carrier after cleaning.

Step 2. Blow-off of the wire with cold air to achieve a thin and uniform lubricant carrier film.

Step 3. Drying of the wire by means of a hot air system.

After this work steps the wire will be fed to the outlet of the machine and will be given to further aggregates.

The cleaning unit as well as the coating unit are equipped with one tank each made of stainless steel which contains the cleaning solution or the coating solution respectively. The capacity is approx. 180/260 liter. Two wet-pit pumps deliver continuously (40 l/min) cleaning and coating solution into each chamber. The capacity of the coating chamber is limited by an overflow design. The exceeding solution returns to the tank. The continuous operation of a stirrer guarantees a steady concentration of the coating solution. The coating solution is heated up by two heating cartridges to the operating temperature of 95°C, the cleaning solution by two heating cartridges. By means of a temperature feeler a temperature control continuously checks the actual with the nominal temperature and if necessary activates the heating cartridges. The availability of sufficient coating solution is controlled by a level control.

Technical Data

Power 24 kW
Weight 2600 kg
Wire diameter Ø5.5 – 8.0 mm
Wire direction At buyer's option
Min./max. ambient temperature 4 / 50 °C
Air humidity < 75 %

Made up of stainless steel (corrosion protected)

• In-line cleaning
• especially suitable for mechanically descaled wire rod but also for acid-clean rod
• carrier-coating with pure borax
• coating and drying at infeed-speed above 3 m/s
• corrosion protected due to stainless steel finish
• extensive control and monitoring panel for a safe production process