Verticle Bull Block / Single Block Wire Drawing Machines (bull blocks)

Single- block wire drawing machines can be supplied in various model sizes and either with single draft , double draft or triple draft(triple die for aluminium rod). According to purpose of utilization they consist of finishing capstans or as pre- drawing capstans.

Vertical Blocks

• Tract. forces upto 10 00 kN
• Capstans 200 - 1200mm Ø
• Wire inlet . 2.0 - 30 mm Ø

The machine body is executed in heaviest mild steel construction.
The capstan is made of a special cast and surface treated in the accumulation area to achieve a longer durability.
The capstans are driven by high capacity worm gears.


The capstans may be executed as:

Finishing capstans, to accumulate the finished wire, arranged to be taken off by a lift-off basket with grippers inside.
As a pre drawing capstan with accumulation and overhead deviation transfer systems(OTO)
The capstans and the drawing dies are water cooled.
The die holders are combined with lubricant boxes and are adjustable in order to exactly regulate the wire running direction.
The lubrication of rolls and bearings is effected via immersion,

Oil circulating pump (optional)

• The machine is driven by three phase motors in standard execution.
• Different drawing speeds can be achieved by AC frequency drives.
• The electrical equipment is delivered in a separate switch cabinet, completely wired and programmed.