Spoolers work in combination with wire drawing machines and are used to take up drawn wires on to rigid or collapsible machine spools according to DIN or customer standards. We offer a comprehensive series of spoolers, in several sizes for various spools and wire ranges. The spool is taken up between two pintles, one is pneumatically operated.( Cantilever arrangement is provided for small spools )

A pneumatic lifting-device with the functions lift, lower is used for the loading and unloading of the spools. This allows a quick and troublefree exchange of spools. Speed control - depending on the wire diameter - is either torque controlled or by means of a dancer unit which is installed between the drawing machine and the spooler.

All spooler functions are actuated from an operating console.

Machine features

• For low, medium, high carbon or stainless steel wire
• Horizontal or vertical spool axis version
• Pneumatic pintles with safety locking device
• Motorized traverse (optional)
• Manual or pneumatic wire clamps
• Emergency stop with pneumatic brake
• Safety guards
• Easy access for maintenance purposes