Over Head Take-Off (OTO) Type Wire Drawing Machine

The OTO type continuous wire drawing machine has the characteristics of simple structure, low cost, and easy operation, and it is suitable for drawing a variety of low,medium and hi-carbon material, especially for mild steel wire, spring steel wire,  welding wire and copper wire aluminum wire, etc.

Scope of application:

Welding wire, welding electrode, galvanized iron wire, binding wire, copper wire.


The set of the machine is ideal equipment for drawing wire stock of high, medium and carbon steel, as well as copper, aluminum and alloy. The machines are supplied for drawing wire in the factories such as steel wire factory, metal mesh factory and nail making factory etc.


The equipment consists of main reduction gear box.die casing box, drawing capstan  and electrical control system. The drawing blocks are vertically fixed in fabricated mild steel body. The gears are lubricated with oil.
In order to lower residual heat on the surface of the block, the drawing capstans and die boxes are water cooled and air cooled

Machine features

Each unit of OTOmachine is equipped with diebox.
The drum interior water-cooling is designed with high efficiency circulation and spiral, fully filled water paths.
The dieboxes employs a forced and direct circulation water cooling system.
This model is suitable for wire coiling operations for low/middle/high carbon wire.
Transmission System –Worm and Worm wheel type gear systems
Mode of speed adjustment AC frequency conversion control

Optional features

Stripper block
Rotating die holder
Soap boxes with stirrers
Die take- up cassettes
Dust suction systems
Environmental guarding
Wire diameter measuring heads