Production Program

Pay Off Units for Rod

Horizontal - Flipper Type
Vertical - O.T.O. Type

Pay Off Units for Wire (driven/non-driven)

Vertical - Rotary for coils
Vertical mounted on spool
Vertical for carriers (baskets)

Descaling Unit

Reverse bending only
Combined with brushing

Wire Surface Treatment

Batch pickling & coating for Rod
Pickling & coating lines for wires

Dry Wire Drawing Machines

Bull Blocks (Vertical/Horizontal) Single die/Double die
O.T.O. type machine
B.B. type machine
Straight line machine

Wet Wire Drawing Machines

Rod break down machines (Tandem type, Double tandem type, Stepped cone type)
Intermediate wire drawing machine
Medium fine drawing machine
Fine drawing machine

Flattening Mills

Single stand mill
Multiple stand mill

Stranding machines & bunchers

Tubular Stranding Machine
Rigid Stranding Machine


Annealing - Pit pot type & Bell type
Strand annealing furnaces
Enamelling ovens
Hot tinning plants
Solution treatment furnaces
Ageing furnaces
Hot dip/electro glavanising plants


Spoolers/bobbin take ups
Static coilers/draw coilers
Wire pointing & threading machines
Butt welders

Material handling equipments

Nail making machines

Turn-key projects

Plant for bright & annealed wires
Plant for galvanised wires
Plant for MIG welding wires
Plant for P.C. wires
Plant for alloy and cold heading quality wires
Plant for bead wires
Plant for stainless steel wires
Plant for conductors (a) ACSR (b) AAC (c) AAAC
Plant for strips
Plant for enamelled wires
Plant for zinc wires
Plant for fourdrinier wires
Plant for brass wires
Plant for galvanised core wires, armour wire & armour strips