Bead Wire Takeups

The accumulation capstans are typically used to pay-off and take-up, on spools, annealed and galvanized low carbon wire, patented and phosphated or galvanized high carbon wire, hard drawn and galvanized high carbon wire (ACSR), patented and brass coated high carbon wire (Steel Cord), hard drawn and bronze coated high carbon wire (Bead Wire), aluminium-cladded high carbon wire.

The use of accumulation capstan pay-offs and take-ups is essential where a continuous (non stop) process is required during spool change operation.

Zenith accumulation capstans are mounted on a horizontal axis above the correspondent spool in order to minimize floor space or with vertical axis, in case of the larger wire sizes, enabling best capstan accessibility for stringing-up purposes.

The machine frame consists of heavy duty fabricated steel segments, each providing a mounting for spool. The accumulation capstans, arranged on vertical axis, are normally manufactured of forged steel, induction hardened on the wire line. Each capstan is driven by an AC motor with frequency inverter.

The take-off ring is driven by an AC motor with frequency inverter, automatically controlling the number of wire wraps on the capstan during spool change wire accumulation/disaccumulation. The traverse mechanism, driven by the spooling motor, is the belt type with pneumatic clamp. The traverse width is adjustable during spooling operation, by means of knobs, mounted on the front side of each position.

As an option, the width can be controlled by a PLC, adjusting automatically the reverse points.

The spool is driven by an AC motor with frequency inverter. A pneumatic brake prevents the release of wire wraps when the spool is stopped.

The machine is complete with the necessary wire guiding sheaves and rollers.